To integrate Platform analytics to ComScore Tracking, go to the Settings section and select the Players option.

Once there you must select or create the Player to work with ComScore.

After selecting the player, go to the Behaviour section in the player options, marked in the green box, and locate the Comscore tracking section.

Turn on and add the tracking route with all the required attributes.

  • Attribute reference for the corresponding tracking:

ns_st_ia: 'Ad Load Flag'
ns_st_stc: 'Channel ID'
ns_st_ce: 'Complete Episode Flag'
ns_st_ge: 'Content Genre'
ns_st_ct: 'Content Type'
ns_st_ddt: 'Digital Airdate'
ns_st_en: 'Episode Number'
ns_st_ep: 'Episode Title'
ns_st_sn: 'Episode Season Number'
ns_st_tpr: 'CMAM Program ID'
ns_st_pu: 'Publisher Brand Name'
ns_st_pr: 'Program Name'
ns_st_st: 'Station Title'
ns_st_ti: 'TMS / Gracenote ID'
ns_st_tdt: 'TV Airdate'
ns_st_tm: 'Time of initial broadcast'
c3: 'C3'
c4: 'C4'
c6: 'C6'

These would be the default integration steps.

Also, if you need it to be a little more customized, there is a custom attributes section explained below.

Go to the Settings section, and select the Custom Attributes option.

Create a custom attribute and configure it as shown in the following example, in this case with a media, all changes must be saved:

Depending on what has been configured in the Used in section of the previous box, when selecting the average in the corresponding section, this attribute will appear as follows:

If turned on, this attribute will be counted in the metrics assigned to ComScore only for the selected media(s), this setting applies according to the selection made when configuring the Used in section of the Custom Attribute created.

Please note:

  1. Mediastream platform has a default video player, if you activate the Comscore tracking option on it, all platform content will automatically be tracked. It is recommended to create an additional player for each live and/or VOD signal.

  2. You cannot assign the Comscore option in the Behaviour of an audio player, Comscore support is not available.

If you have any related questions please do not hesitate to write us through the chat.

Atte. Mediastream team

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