Playout is a tool we provide to our customers that allows them to generate live streaming with their VOD content.

To configure a playout we only have to enter the playout module and here we will have the option to create a new one or configure an existing one. To create a new one, click on "New Playout". In Details we add the name and if desired, a description.

To add the content we want, we have to press "Add New Content" and the following screen will appear where we can add a playlist already created or add the video we want:


If we want to add video by video in the media option, we will have a field to add the ID of the video we want to use. For example, 5b16a5f99060d107882ebc2f. When entering the id we press "Add" and the media will be added to our playout.

Important Note: The videos we add must be in Published status, otherwise they cannot be added. Additionally, for the correct operation of this module, the videos must be fully processed and all renditions must be operational.


If we already have a playlist created on platform, we just have to select the Playlist option, choose the one we want to use and press Add.

Nota: The playlist can be created in the Media module.

The timeline will show us the list of added videos and we will be able to observe which of the videos is playing. For example:


We have the Loop option. When this option is enabled, it will allow that once the line of videos is finished, it will start again from the first one. This mode can be enabled or disabled (ON/OFF), as desired.

We have the status of the playout. Here it is indicated in which state is the playout, for example, Playing, Pause and Stop.

Total duration: It will show the total duration of the playout, i.e. the duration of all the added videos will be shown, while Remaining Time indicates the time left for the end of the playout (without considering the loop).

Playout can be controlled from Controls, where four options are available:

  1. Start: Pressing this option will start the playback..

  2. Pause: It allows us to pause playback.

  3. Stop and Reset: With this option we stop and restart the playback..

  4. Add Content: It allows us to add the desired content even when it is still playing.

Note: If a video is added to a Playout list and this video has not yet been processed, the Playout will present problems. Ideally, the videos should already be processed and thus, they play without problems.

Don't forget to save your changes each time you make them..

Once everything is configured in the Playout, there is only one step left to be able to publish it in a Live signal; what you must do is to create a new Live that transmits your Playout and you must configure it like any other similar one. Finally, in the Playout section of the created live, you must enable it and choose the one you want to appear in this signal.

Finally, you must consider that Mediastream platform does not support playout if an external CDN is active as distribution policy in the live signal.

If you have any related questions please do not hesitate to write us through the chat.

If you do not have this module active, contact your commercial agent to schedule a demonstration.

Atte. Mediastream Team

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