Video Template is a Platform functionality that allows you to apply templates that contain images and text on an "original" video to later be shared on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter like this and in this way generate content that generates more traction with your viewers.

Creation of Templates

The creation of Templates can only be executed by Admin users of the account. You must go to the main Menu Settings> Video Templates. On the screen that is displayed you must press the create button (plus cross).

There are several options available in the Templates administration, which are explained below:

1. Create new template

2. Preview of existing templates

3. Insert text in selected template

4. Change background color
1. Insert background image

2. Upload Intro video: This video is inserted before the original video that is displayed with the template.

3. Upload Outro video: This video is displayed at the end of the video above the template.

4. Define offset: This is the time in seconds that the Intro or outro will be superimposed on the original video

5. Adds Fade to the sound volume from the beginning of the original video of the same duration of the offset.

6. Edit template name

7. Preview of current template. It also allows to manipulate the position of the original video objects and texts.

8. Remove Video Intro or Outro from the template as appropriate.

9. Save changes to current template

When inserting a Text a menu is activated where you can select the font, color, alignment, among others.

Once the template is created, it will be available to all users who wish to use this function.

Use Video Template to Share on Social Networks.

A video can be shared directly from a Media Video or from a newly created Media from Live Editor. Both streams are the same and start by pressing the Share button . Next, a Dialog (window) will open where the first step is to select the template to use and edit the text.

In the first step Video Template you must enter the texts you want, you can also move them to adjust to the correct position. When you are sure, press the Next button .

In the Post Settings step you can select the YouTube channels, Fan pages or Twitter accounts where you want to send the video. With each selection you can enter the title, description, tweet or options of each social network as appropriate.

Then the video will begin to be processed to be sent to the previously selected social networks.

When the video is uploaded and confirmed by the first social network, the final step is taken where the status of the missing social networks will be reported and the link of the video of the respective social network can be copied.

Restrictions and limits

· The background images (background) must be 1280x1280 in high quality with a maximum size of 1 MB.

· Intro and Outro videos may contain Alpha channels and should not be larger than 10MB each. They must also be in square resolution greater than 720x720px.

In this link you can see an example of the final result of this functionality. We hope that this functionality is useful, if you have questions, recommendations or any other concern, write to us by chat or contact your commercial executive.

Team Mediastream.

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