Live Video Creation

Using the +New Live Stream button in the upper left corner of the screen you can create a new stream with different parameters according to your criteria, some of these parameters are: Status(Online/Offline), Schedules, Advertising, Logo, Access Restrictions, Publishing Points, etc.

Live Stream

The lives are displayed in a list including their characteristics (thumbnail image, title, number of visits, date of issue, etc.) as shown in the following example image:

It also has an editor of the parameters already created according to your criteria and needs. We have two options for this: Quick Edit, Edit.

Quick Edit

It is a way to edit more quickly some of the live parameters, these are: Title, Status, Preferred Protocol, Player Skin.

Title: Title assigned to live.
Status: It has two displayed options (Live/Offline) showing the live status whether it is being broadcasted or disconnected.
Preferred Protocol: Protocols by which live is distributed.


It is the advanced way to edit the parameters of a live and also with a special option to record part of the live and convert it to VOD in the Media module called Start Recording, some main parameters are: Name, Status, Publishing, Schedules, Advertising, Publishing Point, Logo, Custom Backgound, Image for Error Messages, Access Restrictions, Social Sharing.

  • Name: Name assigned to the live signal that identifies it on the platform.

  • Status: Current live status (Online/Offline).

  • Publishing: Characteristics of each live signal according to user criteria, including: enabled (yes/no), Resolution, Video Bitrate, Audio Bitrate, Recording (yes/no).

  • Schedules: Option to save VOD from live to media, mark live as featured and not to distribute the content at certain times at the discretion of the users of the account, can be restricted and can be configured for several days of the week.

  • Advertising: Advertising previously configured by users in the ADS Module is added.

  • Publishing Point: Available points to publish the live depending on the user's preferences (US/CL/BR). When defining this zone it is important to consider that this is where the streaming is coming from.

  • Logo: Logo of the user's preference that can be placed in different parts of the player.

  • Custom Background Image for Error Messages: Image that can be added as background in the players in case of any error message (It is recommended to add without letters).

  • Access Restrictions: Restrictions available at the user’s criteria that can be applied to live.

  • Social Sharing: Social network references are added and can be configured according to the user's needs.

To activate Start Record your Live plan must have retention or DVR, so that the recording can be activated and run. The same as for schedules set to be recorded.

Live Audio Creation

Using the New AudioStream button, located in the upper left corner of the screen, you can create a new audio stream focused on radio stations or live audio channels, some examples are Status(Online/Offline), Schedules, Advertising, Logo, Access Restrictions, Publishing Points, etc.

You must consider that the publication points change to Icecast and RTMP, as well as the consumption urls support HLS and Icecast protocols.

The module allows you, in case you have several live signals created, to search between published and unpublished signals more easily, this can be done directly on the tabs in the module: Show All / Published / Not Published.

Platform now has the option to add a bookmark to your Live signals, so you can highlight those that are important in the account, these will always be displayed at the top and according to the order of creation in descending order (from the last created to the first), this feature can be found on the left side of each of the created live signals.

If you have any related questions please do not hesitate to write us through the chat.

Atte. Mediastream Team

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