to review the Logs in the Elemental Live team, we invite you to review the following steps:

1.- You must have permissions to enter the elemental live. For this, you must have a user created with at least read permissions.

2.- Upon entering, you can see the jobs created in elemental live and see their status. For example, the one that is blank has a pending status. The other three are on Running and without any alert. The moment the job is alerted, it changes color to orange.

The reason for the alert will be shown in the upper right box

3.- To see the log record, you must enter the job for which you want to obtain the information.

4.- When entering the job, the following information will be displayed and the Log file option must be selected, where we can see the log record.

5.- In the log record we will see the following information, such as:

2020-06-08 14:58:36 W Setting alert [6007] [737] [6007-737] [OutputWebDav httpChunkDone failed for URL [URL] response [100] error [Timeout was reached - Timeout was reached].]

6.- Considering the previous point, we can analyze the log since we have the record of the date and time 2020-06-08 14:58:36, a status that is identified with the letter I or W, where " I " corresponds a Information and " W " a Warning.

After the status we see a detail of the problem such as:

Failed to send file to URL [URL] after [1] attempts, retrying.

In this example we can see that the alert indicates that it cannot reach it from Mediastream

In this log record we must bear in mind that the last one in the list is the most recent

7.- As soon as the job restarts, the logs are archived and, to see these archived jobs, click on View Logs.

8.- Upon entering, the archived logs will be seen and gives us the option to download or view them

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