In the media module, you find the option to categorize your content, according to their similarity or common themes, the way to create a new category is as follows:

By entering the module, look for the Categories section available on the left side of the interface, from here we can press the + button, or we deploy the arrow in Actions and indicate +New category.

Immediately a window will open in which we can distinguish the following requirements:

Name: As indicated, the name for your category.

Visibility: allows the category to be visible or not in the module.

Analytics: if active, allows your category to be tracked in the analytics of the account, this can be viewed by making the respective filter in the analytics module.

Description: you can indicate a brief description of your category.

Image: you can upload a specific image for your category, this can be linked in your web development or in your OTT, the image will be reflected instead of the text in the corresponding carousel of the web page, by clicking on it you will have access to the content related to the category in platform.

Parent Category: allows you to link related categories to a parent category, example: Music Videos > {Artist Name}.

Custom Attributes: if you have any custom configuration for the account categories, the attributes created will be reflected here.

After configuring the category according to your needs, it is displayed directly in the module, where you can edit it by clicking on the pencil icon that appears to the right of the name when you move the mouse pointer over it.

To create a subcategory, just follow the same process above, and you must link it to a Parent Category, when you save the changes, the subcategory will be inside the parent category, you just have to deploy it using the arrow icon that appears next to the main category.

If you enter any media you can already link the category or subcategories created.

In addition to the creation of categories, platform allows you to filter whether you want to display all categories created (whether or not they are visible) [1] or collapse the displayed subcategories when you perform a specific search [2].

To delete a category, go to the category edition with the pencil icon that appears when you click on it and in the configuration window "Delete" is displayed.

Please note

In order to access this module, your user account must have the corresponding permissions on the categories, they must be requested to the account administrator.

If you have any related questions please do not hesitate to write us through the chat.

Atte. The Mediastream Team

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