This module is the most basic module in platform and shows a summary of its use, this module is enabled for all users and is not editable.

Module overview:

In order, the following data are shown:

  • Media Analytics: shows the average analytics for the last month, mainly the Starts data (number of requests), the maximum peak of requests and the date when the highest peak of reproductions was presented.

  • Most Played: it shows us the top 3 media with the most views during the last month, includes their characteristics (thumbnail image, title, number of visits, description, etc.).

  • Live stream analitycs: Like the media, it shows a summary of the total number of requests in the last month, as well as the highest peak attendance and the date.

  • Live Stream: it shows us in descending order all the available signals, based on the highest number of requests and concurrence in the last hour.

  • Usage: this section shows the consumption of the platform during the month, as contracted with the sales representative, it is divided into:
    - Storage: amount of space (TB) consumed.
    - Monthly transferred Data: amount (TB) of data transferred monthly.
    - Monthly transcoding Time HD: according to the contracted hours of transcoding, shows the number of hours used for 720p and 1080p resolutions.
    - Monthly transcoding Time SD: like the previous paragraph, this section shows the number of hours used for 480p, 360p, 244p, 144p resolutions.

    Colors of the status bars are displayed according to the following criteria:

    • Green: Less than 70% of capacity used.

    • Yellow Between 70% and 90% of capacity used.

    • Red More than 90% of capacity used.

If you have any related question, please feel free to write to us.

Atte. Mediastream team

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