In many parts of the world, connecting to the Internet is slow and expensive. Peering (the exchange of traffic between networks) can help solve this.

For this, from Mediastream we provide the solution for cost savings

How does it work?

We associate your Streamroot key ( with the websites and package IDs you provide.

If the Streamroot key does not match your whitelisted websites and bundle IDs, viewers will not be able to connect to the Streamroot tracker and will not receive or generate DNA traffic.

The video will download from your server and play as usual.

If the Streamroot key matches the website domain or bundle ID, viewers will connect to the Streamroot tracker and can benefit from DNA traffic.


Localhost ( is always whitelisted. This means that you don't have to configure anything to test locally.

WWW subdomain

The subdomain "www" is transparent to the whitelist, which means that "" is equivalent to "" and vice versa.


The domain must not contain:

  • A character that is not a letter, number, period, or hyphen,

  • More than 253 characters,

  • Scheme (protocol: "http: //" nor "https: //"),

  • Subdirectory (path: for example, "/ myservice")

The wildcard symbol "*". can be used to define a group of whitelisted domains.

If you have any related questions please do not hesitate to write to us through the chat.

Atte. The Mediastream Team

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