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Mediastream Platform | Login: Link your Google email to Platform
Mediastream Platform | Login: Link your Google email to Platform

Easily configure your Google email and enter Platform with just one click.

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To do this, you just have to enter your account in the normal way (with your email and password) and go to the Account - My Account menu . Once there, look for the option that says " Link your Google account "

In this section you just have to press the Sign In button and select your Google email.
Note: The email you want to link can be any email from google.

Once you have selected the account to link and if the process was successful, you will see that the button that previously said Sign In will change to the message " Unlink Google Account", which is used to unlink your account:

At the end do not forget to save the changes.

As from now, you'll be able to access Platform with button Sign In to Google.


INFORMATION SECURITY NOTE: Whenever you type your Google credentials on a computer that is not yours, remember to delete them when you finish working. If you leave your credentials stored on a computer that is not your property, it is possible that a third party can access all the linked accounts you have with Google, including Platform, and thus have access to confidential information.

If you have any related questions please do not hesitate to write to us through the chat.

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