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Mediastream Platform: Full Access Token
Mediastream Platform: Full Access Token
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A full access token will allow you to consume the content without any type of restriction, for example if a content has a Geo restriction, by using the full access token you can consume it without any problem, it will skip any type of restriction.

The full access token can be found in the Settings > API and Tokens module.

At the bottom you find the Full Access Token option, here you get an alphanumeric code corresponding to the Full Access Token.

The token generated as an access_token when requesting live content, video or audio. It is also recommended to use the profile parameter with maximum or minimum value to distribute a single quality.

It is only recommended for internal use purposes, because if we publish any dev can steal the code and have access to it.

If you have any related questions, please feel free to write to us via chat.

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