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How to change styles in subtitles from Upload subs in Platform?
How to change styles in subtitles from Upload subs in Platform?

This article explains in a simple way how to change subtitles styles uploaded to media in Platform.

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Mediastream Platform allows you to change the styles of the uploaded subtitles through the Upload option, in this way you can adjust the color, size, font, alignment, etc., allowing you to customize the appearance of the media.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Initially, the corresponding subtitles must be uploaded in the Upload Subtitle button in the Subtitles section of the corresponding media, you can load as many subtitles as required, in this example they are loaded in 2 languages. Only subtitles in .ass format are supported by Platform.

  2. With the subtitles uploaded and configured, we can proceed to modify them from Actions (Pencil icon), where we select the Advanced Edit option.

    This will display the function of our subtitles, showing the list of styles that is already predetermined in the .ssa (.ass) file [These fields are not displayed in VOD content], they generally indicate the style values in their order (red box), and the styles to edit according to your needs (blue box)

    All display values can be modified, taking into account that if they are altered with very high values (font size, space, alignment) the final user experience may not be as expected, therefore it is recommended to use common fonts, sizes according to a specific style, and colors based on our media.

After making the required style changes, we save with the Update button, changes are saved in the media, after refreshed the result is immediately displayed in our content.

This allows, for example, to be able to configure a different color for each language.

We hope that this function is useful for the additional management of your content, any suggestion, comment or claim, do not hesitate to write to us through our chat.

Sincerely, the Mediastream Team.

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