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Learn about our new module for storing images related to your media and Live content.

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This module, like the Media module, allows you to upload content but of image type, it can be categorized, listed and can be associated to one or more specific media.

It is very simple to use:

As initial information and recommendation, if you are going to use licensed images, you must verify the type of CC0 license it has, likewise if they are images designed exclusively for your purposes, after this, the first thing you must do is upload the file to platform, you do it from the module in the box located to the left of it, you can click and upload the image from your computer, or drag it directly to it, you can upload images up to a maximum of 15Mb in weight.

When the image is uploaded, a message will appear at the top, indicating that the file was processed, just refresh the page and you will see your image on the platform, these are automatically organized by date so you can search for them more easily, you can view a maximum of 96 files per page.

Once your image is loaded, you can edit it by clicking on it, a window will appear where you can make various adjustments.

The modifiable fields are:

Tittle: You can add a name to your file, when you do so save by clicking the check mark on the right.

Description: You can write a text describing your image.

Categories: add your image to certain categories previously created in the media module.

Detail: It shows you the metadata associated to your file, in this field you will only be able to edit the Date Created section and you will have access to the ID of the file on the platform, as well as the image resolution information.

From this window you can also navigate between your files by clicking on the arrows to the left and right of the image.

Above the indicated metadata is the View more button. Clicking on this button displays 3 additional tabs, Persons, Tags and Keywords.

In the Persons tab, the platform AI automatically detects all the faces in the image, and indicates whether they are known or unknown,

It is possible to edit the name of the person, just click on the pencil icon that appears when passing the mouse over the image, a quick editing window is displayed.

In the Tags tab, the most common tags related to the image are shown, as well as the Keywords tab, which shows the 'keywords' for the image search.

When this module is activated in your account, the Pictures tab is automatically enabled within each VOD/AOD content, which you will find in the Images section located under the player. When you add an image from this interface, it will automatically appear in the Image module with its metadata.

Load from media (VOD/AOD):

Image in module:

If you have any related questions feel free to write to us.

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