In order to mark the advertising points in the stockings you have to follow these simple steps.

1. Go to the media module in Platform and search for the clip you want to make the marks on.

2. Select in the Advertising section the campaign with the mid-roll previously configured in the ads module, if a campaign is not selected, the AD markers will not be displayed on the media.

3. Once inside the media, you will see the Add AD marker button on the player that plays the media (marker icon).

4. The marker must be made by pressing the button indicated in the time you require the ads to be displayed, you will only see these markers on the player implemented on your website, on platform you will only see them in the Ad Markers section of the media, and you can remove them without any problem, it is recommended to review the marks made in the VOD.

Markers in implementation:

Markers in Platform:

If you set a mid-roll in the ad and several markers in the media, the same campaign is played in all points; you can mark as many advertising points as you need, but it must be noted that the more advertising is shown in the same media, the worse the user experience will be.

It is not necessary to save the changes, since the system saves the information automatically.

Remember to configure your mid-roll campaigns in the Ads module.

Note: mid-roll ads created with type Media are not supported by the Ad Marker function.

Additional features

If you have configured more than one Adserver Mid-roll campaign, they will not be played in the configured order on the same marker in the VOD content. but if you make more than one mark in the media to which the ad is assigned, they will be played in order for each mark set; when configuring the campaign, the values assigned in the mid-roll position will not be taken into account, the campaign will take by default the time assigned in the admarker within the clip.

The following rule should be kept in mind for this case:

  • If you configure more than one mid-roll in Ads but you only use one marker in the media, only the first mid-roll configured in Ads will be taken into account.

  • If you configure 2 mid-roll in Ads and 2 markers in the media, each marker takes into account the mid-roll in its order, it works the same if you follow the rule of mid-roll per marker (3/3 - 4/4 - etc).

  • If you set 2 mid-rolls in the ad and make 3 markers in the media, the third marker takes into account the first mid-roll of the ad.

  • If you set 2 mid-rolls in the ad and make 4 markers in the media, the third marker takes the first mid-roll and the fourth marker will not work.

In this order of ideas, for each mid-roll configured in the ad you can place a marker in the media and you have the possibility to place only one additional marker without having a mid-roll assigned in the ad, this last marker will always consider the first mid-roll of the campaign.

Mid-roll in Ad

Ad Marker in media


Does not apply





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