To integrate Platform analytics to Youbora Tracking you must go to the Settings/Players module:

Once there we will choose the Player we need to track, from the list in our account.

When we enter the chosen Player, we select the Behaviour submenu:

A submenu will be displayed, in this submenu the Youbora option must be left ON:

Then enter the corresponding code for this option to start sending the requested information:

In this way, all Live Stream signals and VOD content of the account that is linked to this player will send the information to Youbora's analytics.

If you want the tracking to be more customized, there is the possibility to configure it directly from platform using the Custom Attributes, the way to do it is as follows:

Go to the Settings/Custom Attributes module:

Create a custom attribute and configure it as shown below:

Indicate the name of our Attribute, in the next box we select Youbora,

this immediately activates the fields required by Youbora for tracking, select the one that fits your needs.

After selecting it, you must indicate in which platform module or modules you want this attribute to be applied, this is assigned in Used in. for the example, we will use the Live Stream.

All changes must be saved.

Depending on what has been configured in the Used in section of the previous box, when selecting any live signal in platform, the attribute will appear in the Custom Attributes section of the same, you only have to enter the name with which you want it to appear in your tracking.

To consider:

  1. Mediastream platform has a default video player, if you activate the Youbora option to it, all platform content will be automatically tracked. It is recommended to create an additional player for each live and/or VOD signal.

  2. Cannot assign Youbora option in the Behaviour of an audio player.

  3. Audio is not supported by Youbora, therefore custom attributes assigned to live stream will not be tracked in the audiolive signals of the account and will be reflected as metadata.

  4. Custom Attributes overwrite the configuration by default platform sends to Youbora, for example, a custom attribute of title, overwrites the original title of the media or live..

If you have any related questions please do not hesitate to write us through the chat.

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