1.- First of all we must go to Settings and then select the Players option :

2.- We then select the player in which we will configure:

(referential image)

3.- Once there we must click on the Post Video option and change its status to ON

4.- When it is activated, you must select between two options:

· Related Content: For the player to reproduce content related to vod using a tag or category as criteria.

· Playlist: So that once the content being played is finished, it takes a preset list of media by default.
5.- In the case of Related Content, we can choose between Tag or Category so that it takes content related to those criteria, depending on what we want:

We can also choose the order in which we want this related content to appear, between the most recent or the most viewed

6.- In the case of Playlists, we have the option of choosing a list of media that we have created:

(referential image)

Later we must choose how much content we will show, choosing between one or three:

7.- We can also add a related title on desktop and mobile. We also have the option to use {{criteria}} . If you decide to use this option, the name will be replaced by the name of the Category or Tag, that is, a default name will be applied:

8.- We can also configure the text to repeat video. As you can see in the following image, the Replay Video text is entered by default :

9.- We can also configure the timer text. In this field we can write the text that we want to be presented with the timer once the video is finished:

The {{time}} option is adjustable. If you decide to place it next to the text, it will replace it with the remaining seconds for the autoplay of the next video to be applied. An example: The following video starts in {{time}} seconds

The following message will appear in the player:
The next video starts in 5 seconds

Choosing this setting will start the timer until the new video starts.

10.- Finally, you also have the option to configure the time in which you want to automatically start the next video (both on PC and mobile). When displaying the options we can disable it or choose from 1 to 30 seconds :

Once this option is configured and when we are sure of the applied changes, we simply save:

In this way you will have made use of the Post Video option , Enjoy it!


If you have any related questions please do not hesitate to write to us through the chat.

Atte. The Mediastream Team

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