Closed Access is an option used to restrict access to all or a specific content. By enabling this option you are required to have a consumption token.

To enable this option for all your content we must go to the Settings module and choose the Access Restrictions option:

Once you have accessed it, look for the "Closed Access" option and check the "Enable" checkbox. Once you have done so, simply save the changes:

It should be noted that when you choose this option, you are applying these permissions to all the content available in your account.

If you do not want to apply this option for a certain Media, you must search for it and deactivate it for that video. In this way all your content will have "Closed Access" applied, except for the Media that you did not configure with this option.

*For token generation you must follow the steps below:

First, the API must be queried from Platform, using the read and write tokens of your account.

The use of these tokens is personal. You must use them to query our API as indicated in the following image:

In order to generate the Access Token that will allow the content consumption, a POST query is made to the API. The following image explains the parameters required for the query:

With the Access Token already generated, you must implement it as follows:

Note: The generation of access tokens must be requested from the backend of your application or CMS, and must be implemented by your development area. Contact them and your account administrator to do it.

If you have any related questions please feel free to write to us via chat.

Atte. Mediastream team

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