A watchfolder is a shared and configured folder that detects new videos every short period of time. For a watchfolder, qualities, bitrate, pre / post processing tasks and specific parameters are previously established to transcode the content.

Through different watchfolders, the publication of the uploaded videos through shared routes in the Mediastream Platform is automated.

How to configure a watchfolder from Platform?

To configure it, go to Settings and look for the Watchfolder option :

Click on New Watchfolder:

Then enter a name, a description of the content and choose the category of the media that will appear in that particular watchfolder:

Once these details have been entered, choose between the following options:

- Published: If you need the media assigned to that watchfolder to appear as published.

- Not Published: If you want the media to appear in that watchfolder, but not published.

Finally save the changes by pressing Save Changes .

On the other hand, you must ask the support team to deliver the scripts for elemental, once in your possession, host them in the directory

Once the script is downloaded, the job profile must be loaded as follows:

Replacing the values, by those delivered in platform.

The first number being the API TOKEN with read + writing permissions and the second number the ID of the watchfolder delivered by Platform.

If you don't have this option yet, contact your account manager.

If you have any related questions please do not hesitate to write us through the chat.

Atte. The Mediastream Team

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