This Platform functionality allows you to send Live Streaming publications to platforms that accept RTMP publication, such as Faceboook, Youtube, among others. From a live signal present in Platform Mediastream.

To use this option you must go to the Live menu, then select the desired Live and follow the following steps:

· Click on the " +" button located on the upper right side of that section.

· Two options will be displayed from which you must choose according to what you need; Custom RTMP or Social Network.
With Custom RTMP you can publish to any platform that accepts this protocol, in the case of Facebook it is possible to publish and create the Post from the Platform.

Configuring RTMP

To use this option by RTMP , we only have to complete the fields indicated:

· Name: To assign a name to the broadcast.

· Publishing Point: To incorporate the publishing points of the external platform.

· Stream ID: Live ID of the external platform.

· Quality to Restream: It will allow to select the quality according to the video bitrate configured in the signal (Live - Ecoding Profile). If you choose Choose for me, it will choose the 720 quality by default

Once completed, you just have to click Save to save the changes.

Setting up Social Network

To use this option through Social Network , we only have to complete the fields indicated below:

· Name: To assign a name to the transmission to be carried out.

· Title: To configure a name that will appear next to the streaming.

· Description: To add a description to the broadcast.

Once this data is complete, simply save the changes.

Re-streaming will remain active for up to 6 hours, then will be automatically deactivated. In the case of Facebook only up to 4 hours (Facebook restriction).

Aspects to consider


As a first step, before starting to publish content, it is necessary to perform a speed test, especially the upload bit rate, since this is linked to the quality of the broadcast that we must configure; It is recommended to carry out this test on the page it is very fast and accurate when it comes to giving the results, and it is hosted 100% in the USA, another page that can be used is https: // www. The recommended bitrate should be at least 10MB upload.

Social networks (resolution 720):


· Frame rate: 30 fps

· Bit rate: between 1500 and 4000 kbps

· Keyframes: 2-4 seconds

· Codec profile: H.264 Baseline Profile level 3.1

· Audio codec: AAC-LC

· Audio bit rate: 128 kbps

· Audio sampling rate: 44,100 khz

· Bit encoding rate: CBR


· Frame rate: 30 fps

· Bit rate: between 2000 and 4000 kbps

· Keyframes: 2 seconds

· Codec profile: H.264

· Audio codec: AAC-LC

· Audio bit rate: 96 to 128 kbps

· Audio sampling rate: 48,000 khz

· Bit encoding rate: CBR


· Bit rate and video codec : 2500 kbps (recommended), 4000 kbps (max), H.264

· Bit rate and audio codec : AAC-LC 128 kbps

· Frame rate : 30 fps

· Resolution : 1280 x 720

· Keyframe interval : every 3 seconds (OBS) or keyframes every 90 frames (Wirecast)

Confirmation of the Encoding Profile for a correct restream from Platform

To correctly integrate the broadcast to the platform, the parameters that we have configured in it must match exactly in the encoder, since any of the 2 platforms mentioned, generates a series of alerts if it is not receiving the signal properly.

If you have any related questions please do not hesitate to write us through the chat.

Atte. The Mediastream Team

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