Many Media, Broadcasters Companies or ISP (Internet service provider) need to identify the traffic that belongs to a specific content owner that users generate downloading the content from Mediastream CDN servers. This is necessary to apply discount or free-of-charge over the traffic generated of a specific content by users.

The solution that Meadiastream offers is to identify a parameter present in the video content's URLs as a queryString (token). This allow ISP's to identify specific URLs and it allow Mediastream to apply an extra security layer, because only the content associated with that token would be delivered, otherwise would be denied. This method avoid malicious users use the parameter (token) to request other contents that should not be freed.

This token will be present in all content owner's content delivered by Mediastream CDN and it will be keep through different redirects that affects to users. Additionally, ISPs could identify the main domain (*

Below is present the URL format:

Where the identifiers are:

· Domain * Is very important to use wildcards to match any subdomain.

· acc_token parameter: This parameter will be present in every content URL and through every user redirect.

The acc_token value must be requested to Mediastream by a Platform admin user or authorized content owner user.


· Is not recommended identify traffic only by domain name, because Mediastream deliver content of other content owners through the same CDN (Content Delivery Network).

· Always match every subdomain of (*

· Traffic is always delivered through HTTPS protocol.

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