This Platform feature allows us to visualize the status of the Live Streaming and also to receive notifications via email to one or more email addresses.

The monitor varies between 3 different status, online, warning and error. Each status change is notified by e-mail if required by the user.

1. Online

When in this status, the signal is being received correctly, so if there are 2 iterations without error after having detected a previous one, it is considered recovered (online).

2. Offline

This shows us that the signal is not being received correctly, its operation is based on the fact that if it is 60 seconds without receiving segments in any quality, it is considered offline.

3. Warning

This shows us if there is an error or a lack of consistency from the encoding point to the platform, when a Warning alert is triggered, the following is validated:

  1. Resolutions

  2. Bitrates

  3. Data Intermittence

  4. Publishing Points

Monitoring criteria

Some of the monitoring criteria to change the corresponding statuses are listed below:

  1. All zones marked in Platform / CDN must be published.

  2. All Profiles are published in all zones.

  3. The last two segments of each quality are consecutive (correlative).

  4. Segment alignment between the qualities.

  5. The functionality is available in the 3 publishing modes of platform, rtmp, medialive and media package.

  6. 3 iterations with some error are considered errors and 2 with no error are considered online. The duration of the iterations will depend on the duration of the published segments, that is, in case a client publishes HLS and 4-second segments, the iterations will be every 4 seconds.

This functionality is available to all Platform accounts at no additional cost.

Any questions or comments do not hesitate to write to us.

Att: Mediastream Team

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