his functionality present in Platform allows us to generate subtitles for our VODs automatically using Machine Learning

Once this functionality is enabled in your account, subtitles can be generated automatically each time a VOD is uploaded or generated or they can be generated manually.

To enable the automatic generation of subtitles, go to the Settings module and select the Media Options option .

When we are in the Media Options section in the Auto Speech to Text option , we select the Yes option in Auto to activate this action.

In the Main Language option , we select the main language of the audio that contains our videos uploaded to Platform.

We have the option to configure the Secondary Languages option where we can select alternative languages ​​in case the video contains more than one language. We can only select 3 alternative texts in addition to the main one.

We save all the changes generated in the Save changes button and it is configured by default in the account and all the Media that are uploaded to it by default will take the texts that were previously configured.

If we want to configure a media with other subtitles other than those configured in the account, we must select the media that we want to edit and in the Subtitles option we can customize it.

On the Auto Generate button

A Pop-up window is displayed where we can select as we did in the general account settings and be able to select the main language and alternative languages ​​for this specific media.

After having made all the configuration of the subtitle generation, you will see it reflected in all the VOD content that you upload to Platform.

In this way Platform will generate automatic subtitles to your video, which you can edit if it is not 100% correct.

If you do not have this module enabled, please contact your commercial executive.

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