Mediastream Platform gives the possibility to display related content in the Player at the end of the playback of a content. For this it is necessary to activate the Post Video behavior in platform. Here are the steps and explanation of the configuration.

Activate Post Video

  1. Login in Mediastream Platform and enter the Settings > Player section. Select the player in which you want to activate the behavior. It is necessary to be an account Admin to have access to this configuration.

  2. Expand the Post Video section and enable the display of related content (Enabled: On).

  3. Select what you want to display at the end of the content, the options are Related Content or Playlist. If you select Relate Content you will be able to select between Category or Tag and the order in which the content is displayed between Most Recent or Most Viewed. If you select Playlist you will be able to select a previously created Playlist and the order of the Playlist will be followed.

Configuration Options

How much related content will be displayed: Puedes elegir entre desplegar 1 o 3 contenidos al finalizar el video. En caso de dispositivos móviles siempre se desplegará 1 contenido sugerido.

  • Related Title: Title that will be shown when displaying the related content. You can use the wildcard criteria which will be replaced by the criteria used to relate content. E.g.: More criteria content

  • Replay Text: Text for the link that allows you to play the content you have just finished. For example Replay

  • Timer Text: Text that indicates how much time the next video will start automatically, you can use the wildcard time that is replaced by the remaining seconds. E.g.: The video will start automatically in time seconds...

  • Auto start next video in: Allows you to set the time at which the first suggested video in the list will start playing automatically. It also allows you to disable autoplay.

Explanation of Relationship Criteria

  • Category:The system will search for the Medias belonging to the most particular category sorted by the specified criteria (most recent or most viewed) and will take the first one or the first three as specified.

  • Tag: The system will search for the Medias that have the configured tag(s) in the clip just played sorted by the specified criteria (most recent or most viewed) and will take the first one or the first three as specified.

  • Playlist: The system will display the configured Playlist. In case the content that has finished belongs to the Playlist, the next related video is the one that comes next in the list, in case it does not belong to the playlist, it will start from the beginning.

If you have any related questions, feel free to write us through the chat.

Atte. Mediastream team

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