The main function of the ADS module is the administration of advertising in the users' VOD/AOD and Live content. It can be added, deleted, edited and referenced in different ways depending on the customer's needs.

The module has a button to create a new advertising (+ New Ad), also in the central part of the screen there is a brief description of each of the ads created: Status, Name, Type, CreationDate.

The module is displayed as follows:

If you hover your mouse over the description of the name / type / creation date and click, you will be redirected to the ad settings.

+ New Ad Button

To create a new advertising, click on the button in the upper left corner of the screen, then you will be redirected to the advertising configuration which has a Preview with the following parameters to configure:

Basic information:

  • Name: verbal designation given to distinguish it from the other ads created.

  • Status: Status of the ad (Published/Not Published).

  • Type: Type of ad to be used, they are activated according to your platform account; there are 4 options: AdServer (VAST), Media (Local), Ad replacement (VAST / DAI) and Adswizz (Live Audio).

  • Skip Pre-roll: It is used to give users the option to skip advertising only in pre-roll ads (1sec, 2sec, 3sec ... 29sec, 30sec), it should be noted that some VAST configured from the Ad Server already come with the skip by default.

  • Filter minimum time Media (Minutes): it is used when the ad is inherited (by category or tag) in a media, if this media does not have at least the defined duration, the ad will not be assigned, therefore, the ad is not shown if the media has a shorter duration than the one assigned in this field.

Media Inherited Ads y Referrers:

This type of configuration automatically sets up a campaign in the media related to the category or tag, it cannot be removed from the media.

Sample image of the inherited ad inside the Media

  • Categories: Assign an existing category in the media module, ads linked to X category will only be played in the media associated with it.

  • Tags: Assigns the tags linked to a certain advertisement, they must match in both modules.

  • Referrers: Here the website where the ad goes is designated in case it is required to show differentiated advertising per site. The ads will only be inherited for the configured referrers and in case of sharing the media to an unrelated site, the ad will not be displayed.


There are 4 types of ad to use, these are:

1 - AdServer

In this type of Ad, actions that comply with the VAST standard are supported. It is used to link ADS from an Ad Server. Selecting this option displays a menu on the right side of the screen with the following configurable parameters:

Pre-Roll & Companion

Here we load the VAST (campaign) that will be displayed before starting the playback of the selected video, you can assign the same VAST for Desktop and Mobile taking into account that some campaigns are not compatible with mobile devices. If you do not specify a mobile campaign, only the desktop one will be displayed.


With this choice, you enter the VAST that will appear while the video is playing, it is assigned at a certain time from the Position box, by a specific number of seconds (10, 50, 120, 240, etc) or the percentage where you want to display (10%-50%-75%), you can assign several mid-roll campaigns per ad, but the user experience must be taken into account.

In this option, if you are going to use the mid-roll as admarker on the clip, no matter the number assigned in Position, the campaign will default to the time assigned in the admarker within the clip, completely overriding the time assigned in the Ad.

Post-Roll VAST URL

Here we assign the VAST that will be displayed at the end of the content playback.

Overlay VAST URL

In this option, we add the generated VAST overlay that is superimposed over the content to which it is assigned, generally it appears at the bottom of the player; in the first field a value in seconds must be given to indicate the time that the ad will remain on screen.

Custom variables are allowed in the VAST URL, which will be inherited from the embed URL <iframe> and dynamically replaced when called by the player, and must be used by enclosing the variable name with the $ sign (example:$myCustomVariable$).

2 - Media

In this option we can use an ad previously uploaded to the Media module, just enter the ID of the VOD or write the name of the campaign on the fields provided in Tags: Pre-roll Video, Mid-roll Video, Post-roll Video.

Pre-Roll: it will be displayed at the beginning of the assigned media, only 1 media can be assigned as pre-roll.

The campaign is displayed when selected and can be deleted with the green trash icon on the right.

Mid-Roll: it will be displayed at the required time on the assigned video (e.g. middle of the video, minutes before it ends, minutes after it starts, etc). The Position field is configured in the same way as the AdServer Mid-roll VAST URL, either in seconds or as a percentage within the clip. In this type of campaign, more than one media can be configured as a mid-roll, but it is recommended not to exceed 3 per configuration, in view of the user experience.

Post-Roll: it will be displayed at the end of the assigned video, only 1 media can be assigned as post-roll.

Nota: It should be noted that a media to be used as an ad should not have closed-access and, ideally, its duration must not be less than 5 seconds and not more than 30 seconds.

3 - Ad Replacement

This type of Ad is linked to the automation of advertising through SSAI Ad (DAI) and can only be displayed on a Live signal of the account, it is played according to the mark made on the corresponding live. For more information, you can check the following link:

It should be configured as follows:

Default Duration (seconds): ad duration on screen

Ad decision Server: here you can provide the VAST url of the ad server.

Video loop: you can set up a campaign available in the media module, just type the ID or the name of the campaign to be assigned, it corresponds to a default ad that is used if an ad break is not filled by the ad replacement (VAST), you must consider that this type of campaign must also be paid at CPM from Mediatailor or Google DAI.

4 - Adswizz

Exclusive campaign solution for AOD audio signals, it is assigned to accounts with this type of content and want to monetize it, just assign the adswizz zone in the available field.

The content that is related to this type of ad, will reproduce the corresponding spot (campaign) over the audio signal, generally they are only heard in the region in which the zone was assigned.

Aspects to consider

1 - If we leave the inherited ad (Category or Tag) and configure a default ad and/or referrer in the media (Pre-roll - Mid-roll - Post-roll), the inherited ad is completely overridden.

2 - More than one category or tag can be assigned to the same AD, however if the media inherits two different ads, the display of the ads is presented randomly depending on the configuration made, this behavior is only verified when reloading the page containing the media. Only applies in VAST assigned as pre-roll.

3 - If a media is shared in several websites, and in each one of these a different ad must be displayed, a category or tag must be assigned for each referrer, this must be configured in the ads as shown below:

Media Settings Image (Categories)

Ad 1 Configuration

Ad 2 Configuration

In the media, the inherited ads should appear as shown in the image and each one will be displayed in the assigned referrer.

If you have any related questions please do not hesitate to write us through the chat.

Atte. Mediastream team

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