It is the administration of the player (s) that you can use, you can create 1 or more players according to your need with the button + New Player ( New Player ) also counting that Mediastream gives you a default Player that you can use without creating another. The available players are listed in-lists with their name and a brief description .

The Player section is displayed as follows:

By clicking with the cursor on any of the Player names, the general configuration of the player is displayed on the screen with 5 editable sections: General , Design , Behavior , Post Video ( After the video ), Messages ( Messages ) .It is displayed as follows:


This section configures the general data of the player you are Name ( Name ), Description ( Description ), Player ID ( identification player ). It is displayed as follows:


This section configures the design of the player with various options are Base Color ( Color Base ), Background Color ( Background Color ) Show Title ( Show Title ), ShowPreviews ( Show Preview ) Show Bandwidth Alert ( Show Alert Width band ), Logo , Custom Background Image , Logo Position ( Position in the player ) and Logo URL (Address where the logo is located). It is displayed as follows:


This section configures the behavior of the Player with options that are Autoplay (Play automatically), Mute Video on Start (Mute video to the start), Mute ad Video (Mute advertising), Pause Video on Screen Click (Pause video to the click on it), Pause Ad when clicked , ( Google Analytics Tracking , comScore Tracking and Youborathey offer grouped information of the traffic that arrives at the websites according to the audience, the acquisition, the behavior and the conversions that are carried out in the website). It is displayed as follows

Post Video

This section is used to configure what will be done after the end of the VOD

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Atte. The Mediastream Team

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