Part of Mediastream's Live Audio service is Now Playing: which allows the native audio player to deliver metadata of the artists, songs, ads. etc.

Now we are going to explain how to use the Rest API to be able to send Live Audio (radio) information and to be able to use the metadata with the Now Playing service of Mediastream.

Player showing previous songs:

You must first have your API Key to write, you can get it in Platform Tokens (

Available for sending metadata using the API and for Adswizz branding

GET or POST Method:

apikey = API_KEY_PLATFORM (Get from Platform, it's called Nowplaying

stationid = ID_LIVE_PLATFORM

artistname = STRING

artistimage = BASE64 (available in POST method)

songtitle = STRING

force = true (when you don't want to use the Nowplaying Metadata service)

Example in GET to send artist and Song:

The answer should be:

{"status": "OK","message": "STATION_INFO_UPDATED","type": "SONG"}

You can check the Live streaming to immediately check if the song was recognized in our Now Playing database and in Raw API Data.

Example in GET to send artist, song and that does not use the Nowplaying system so that it does not have to validate if it exists in our database:

Example in GET to send a brand in the artist field to insert ads Ads Insertion Adswizz in 2 minutes:

Here is an example to use with the radio automation system

Post example for Proppfrexx Radio 42|apikey=APIKEYTOKEN&stationid=ID_RADIO&artistname=${cpltrackartistcurrent}&songtitle=${plstracktitlecurrent}&artistimage=${albumart}

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