With this option, you will be able to directly share content to social networks from the Live Editor module, from the moment that the clip is generated, you just must follow the following steps.

  1. Within the clip generated in live editor, select Share at the bottom, this will display a window from which you configure your content on social networks

  2. Each social network has its own configuration, so it is essential to take their policies into account when sharing content. With the accounts linked from integrations, a window will be displayed in which you can see how many accounts are available and which social network they belong to, you can share to several networks at the same time and configure each one separately.

  3. You can enter the necessary information for each social network

    1. Facebook: You can configure your post by adding title and description, if you want to share at another time from the social network, you can save it as a draft or publish it immediately, remember that you can generate hashtags and it even gives you the option to insert emoticons.

    2. YouTube: You can edit the title and description, additionally you can define the privacy of your content and the categories available to share.

    3. Twitter: you must take into account the number of characters available for the tweet, with a maximum of 280.

  4. As we have our social networks configured, we click Next and this processes the corresponding content for each of the selected ones; The more social networks you want to share, the longer the process will take, displayed as you see in the image below:

At the end of the process, a final window will show which publications were generated successfully and which ones were not.

For the latter case, the Copy url or Go to post buttons will not be displayed.

To keep in mind

  • The clip must be in published status to be shared on social media.

  • Mediastream Platform delivers the highest quality content available (mp4)

  • The content is subject to the respective copyright rules of each social network.

  • Not all content is displayed immediately on the shared social network, the process may take a few minutes and depends exclusively on the network server.

If you have any related questions, feel free to write to us.

Sincerely, the Mediastream Team.

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