Platform has the option to integrate your OTT Live and VOD service with the Opta Sports database, before proceeding, you must have an account in the OPTA service, to generate the corresponding subscription data to be added later in platform.

Module overview

The module is divided into 2 parts:


  1. Enable: allows you to enable or disable the option in platform.

  2. Opta Subscription id: is the id of your subscription and is required to get data like widgets.

  3. Opta User: your OPTA Sports user.

  4. Opta account token: in this box you enter the OPTA account identifier that is required to obtain data such as match statistics. (Metadata)

  5. Opta Password: your OPTA account password.

  6. Opta Tournaments csv: in this box you add a csv file containing the information of the tournaments acquired in OPTA, generally consisting of an ID, name and the corresponding season ID (year).

  7. Show on VOD - Show on LIVE buttons: they allow the option to activate or deactivate the OPTA data in the OTT content, depending on what is contracted in the statistics service, under the player (LIVE or VOD) the content will be displayed as follows.

    Live image - OTT Win Sports Online


When uploaded, these marks will be seen in the player, it should be noted that for each sport a different mark is generated according to its content, currently platform has the corresponding marks for soccer, the images must be uploaded in png format with alpha channels so that they can be superimposed on the video. The recommended size is between 32x32 and 50x50 pixels maximum.

OPTA markers in VOD

OPTA markers in señal LIVE

View of the marks for soccer in the module in platform.

Once the changes are saved, the .csv file and the marker images will be available for download.

To be considered

  • To view OPTA marks in Live, you must have DVR over the signal.

  • If the fields in the OPTA section of the module are not configured, even if the option is enabled, changes cannot be saved and the platform will return an error.

  • To acquire this service you must contact the KAM in charge of your account.

If you have any related question, please feel free to write to us.

Atte. Mediastream team

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