With platform you can create plans for your OTT, selecting the specific values, which content will be accessed, which currency, and it can be integrated with different payment gateways.

You must enter the Settings/Products module, the following view will be loaded:

To add a new product, just press +New Product to start with the configuration, immediately a box with 3 or 4 tabs is displayed, A. Basic Information, B. Subscription Options / One Time Options, these are activated according to the type of product chosen, C. Payment Options, D. Content Options, additionally the custom attributes that have been generated for this purpose are displayed.

A. Basic Information

Here you add the fields that describe the payment method or plan, these fields are:

Name: The plan or product name

Type: The type of product, it can be by subscription or by one-time payment

Order: Here you specify, if you have more than one product, the order in which you want the products to be displayed in your OTT.

Description: to indicate in a brief description the type of content and the characteristics of the product.

Botón Enabled/Disabled: it allows you to activate or deactivate the product in your OTT.

B. Subscription/One time Options

This tab is activated when selecting the type of product in Basic information, according to this, the configuration parameters would be the following:

  1. Subscription Options:

    • Recurrency: you configure the payment recurrence, it can be weekly, monthly, every 6 months or yearly.

    • Trial Days: If the subscription has an exclusive trial time, in this box you must specify the number of days available, by default it will be zero (0), it is not considered if the payment method is Kushki.

  2. One Time Options:

    For this type of product, you only need to specify the number of days that the Live or VOD content will be available after the purchase.

C. Payment Options

In this tab the payment gateway is configured, and it is a requirement to save the changes in the product creation.

Vista general de la pestaña

To create a new one you must click on the + button located on the right, this displays a window with the following tabs:

  • Gateway: in this section you configure the payment gateway, just select the one that is according to your needs and add the corresponding ID provided by the respective website; platform has integrations to Kushki (new), Stripe, Efecty, Place to Pay (Evertec), please ask your sales representative for them.

    The Kushki Payment Gateway can be activated from the Settings/Integrations module.

  • Price: in this tab, you configure all related to the cost of the product, the available fields are Currency, Amount, Tax (Tax varies according to the region and its local tax rules), Decimal Precision where you indicate the decimals to round the price number, it can be left blank so that it does not do it.

    With some payment gateways, the currency field is generally left in dollars in case the subscriptions are unrestricted.

  • Geo: As its name suggests, it allows you to configure the product exclusively for a country, as well as to deny access to a particular one, usually related to the selected currency.

The products configured with these options, allow you to add different payment gateways on it, and these will be displayed exclusively in the selected region, you can edit or delete them according to your criteria.

D. Content Options

In this tab you configure the content on which the plan/product will have access, you must add it by pressing the + button, to configure this option, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Description: Indicate which is your content, Live or VOD, in case you have more than one option described in the product; if the access is exclusive to a single type of content, it is not mandatory to do so.

  2. Type: you must indicate the type of content, platform gives you 4 options:
    - Live streams: All live stgreams of the account
    - Live Stream schedules: if you have scheduling on one or several signals in particular.
    - Media categories: Access to one, several or all categories of the media module.
    - Media Playlists: Access to an exclusive playlist.

  3. This box is activated according to the Type selection, and allows you to add more detailed content, you can select the Live Streams, Schedules of Live Streams, Categories or Playlists, if you do not select any option, platform assumes all the available content by default.

  4. Max profile: It allows you to choose the aspect ratio (16:9 / 9:16) and profile (1080p, 720p, 480p, etc) you want to be displayed on your OTT.

Once configured, save the changes to display your product on platform and OTT.

To select a specific category that will be available in the plans, just select it in the configuration and save the changes.

Immediately in the payment options the number of categories selected will be indicated.

Here it is important to take into account that only the content of the selected categories can be consumed in that specific plan or plans, therefore, if a full plan is configured with a different price, all the content can be consumed without restriction.

Aspects to consider

  1. When you activate a plan with One time option, if you configure the validation days mentioned in point B-2, you will see them in the Validation Days box in the product list of your account.

  2. The product description will only be displayed in the OTT, as shown in the image below:

    Imagen cortesía de Win Sports Online

  3. If you have the product enabled, but not the payment option (Item C), even if the product is displayed in the OTT, you will not be able to continue with the payment flow.

  4. If your platform content has 16:9 and 9:16 (Full HD Vertical) material and/or you have several viewing profiles, if you make any adjustments to the product, specifically as described in section D-4, any content not related to the configured aspect or profile will not be reflected in the OTT when the respective payment is made; in the case of profiles, if you select an HD quality (720p, 1080p) users with poor network connections will not be able to view the content correctly; in this case, it is recommended not to make adjustments on this point.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via chat or with your sales representative.

Att: Mediastream team

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