Platform allows you to generate tracks from the VOD clips of the media module, this information can be consulted by API and you can use it in your implementation to make the player take you to an oustanding position in your content, delivering additional metadata of the same, if this is something you want to do, this information can be useful.

To do this, you must go to the media module and select the clip on which you want to make the tags, and inside this, on the player you will see the Add Track icon,

just click on it and the track will be automatically generated and added to the Tracks section that will appear below the player.

These tracks show a thumbnail image, the time in which it is located within the clip and the name of the same, this name usually appears as Track+Time in seconds {Track 220} and can be edited to your preferences, you can also change the name by a descriptive text of the same in that space, taking into account that despite not having a character limit, it is best not to exceed 120-150 characters.

To view them from the API, just make the GET request to the media as follows:

Params:: token: $Account read token


Response Code 200 Ok.

This will display the general information of the selected media, including the tracks, in this information you will see the respective track ID, in name you will have the description if it was added, in position the time in seconds of the track on the media and the url of the generated thumbnail.

"tracks": [
"_id": "{track_ID}",
"name": "Overfall: waters agitated due to a strong current moving over a shoal, by an opposing current or by winds blowing against the current.",
"position": 53,
"thumbnail": "{thumb_ID}/thumb_613647cebfc2c03a27505e8c_613647cebfc2c03a27505e9d_53s.jpg"
"_id": "{track_ID}",
"name": "Coral: Coral reefs are formed as a result of the accumulation of external skeletons secreted by the corals themselves after death. They are composed mainly of calcium carbonate and aragonite.",
"position": 492,
"thumbnail": "{thumb_ID}/thumb_613647cebfc2c03a27505e8c_613647cebfc2c03a27505e9d_492s.jpg"

You should note that it is required to use the player API for this purpose by using the methods described in the mediastream API documentation, you can consult it by clicking on the following button:

If you have any related question, please feel free to write us.

Atte. Mediastream team

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