Thumbnails are miniature representative images assigned to a media. When you enter a specific video you always get under the player some thumbnails as a preview of what we are going to see:

When uploading a media, platform automatically assigns 6 random thumbnails that are moments at different times in the video. You also have the option to do it manually, choosing a moment of the video that you want to highlight.

There are 2 ways to assign a thumbnail manually, which are shown below:

  • Direct assignment from a clip:

Above the player you find the Add thumbnail icon, as shown in the image.

Just click on it and the thumbnail will appear in the corresponding section

You will be able to establish the thumbnails you want from the clip, the thumbnails you make will be organized according to their creation and not to the established schedule, however you will be able to see on each one of them the moment in which it is located inside the media. In this way you will have manually assigned a thumbnail from the same clip.

  • Assignment of custom thumbnails:

Go to the Images section located under the player, there you will find the thumbnails section, click on the Add Thumbnail button shown in the image below:

This will open a window that lets you search for the image in your PC.

You can select images up to 1920x1080 resolution, once loaded, a window is displayed in which you can select the aspect ratio.

If you do not configure this parameter, just click on Create and the thumbnail will be available within the media.

All images loaded with this option will be highlighted with the word custom.

If there are more images generated and assigned to the media, you must select which one will remain definitively, for this purpose, when hovering the mouse over the thumbnail, 3 buttons are displayed, in their order:

Set as default: assigns the default thumb

Show thumb URL: it copies the url with the selected thumbnail to the clipboard, in the thumbnails assigned directly from the clip, when you press this button and if the media has different renditions, platform shows you the available URLs for each resolution, and you only have to click on the green icon assigned to the right of each one.

Delete thumb: deletes the thumbnail of the media and platform.

The result after making the selection is a media preview of your choice, which is representative for the video content or a customized view:

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