From Mediastream platform, you can have total control of your VOD - AOD content, in this feature, you will be able to adjust the renditions you require in your account and some options that will only be displayed in the media module.

Before explaining it is important to remember that any adjustment made in this feature will have an impact on your transcoding quota and storage capacity, and some sections of the module will not be available to your account unless you manage them with the sales representative responsible for your account.

The module is divided as follows:

Automatic video transcoding

Every time a new VOD media file is loaded in platform, additional renditions will be automatically created, from this section you can select the ones you require to be generated, remember that platform always saves the media in its original format, you have:

  • Video Renditions 16:9 (Horizontal)

  • Video Renditions 9:16 (Vertical)

The parameters for each rendition are set by default and cannot be modified, they are recommended by platform for each video resolution. The more renditions you have set, the longer the transcoding process will take and each rendition, from the original one, generates storage space in the platform.

Automatic audio transcoding

Like VOD, you can select the transcoding renditions for your audio files, platform has qualities from 32 to 256 kbps, it is recommended to always generate the audios in 128 kbps, for adaptive audio in view of the user experience, it is recommended as low quality a minimum of 64kbps and a maximum of 256kbps.

S3 Backup

Platform allows you to generate a backup of your original files via AWS S3, by activating this feature, it will also store the highest quality of the files generated from Media edit and Live editor. You should speak to your sales representative to activate this feature.

Media Options

Platform has some additional features for your media, they are listed within the module in the following order:

  • Force fill a category for a Media: forces the filling of a category for a media, in this case, if you are going to save a media, setting the category becomes mandatory and platform displays this message:

  • Inherit Category Ads: if this option is enabled, the platform VOD content will inherit an ad created with category setting, applies as long as the media corresponds to the category assigned to the ad and will be reflected in the Advertising section of the media.

  • Default publish state: if active, all content uploaded to the platform will automatically be in published status.

  • Audio Loudness LUFS: adjusts the audio peak of podcasts (AOD) down to 0dB, in both stereo channels at the same time.

  • Create Pre-roll Ad Marker by default / Create Post-roll Ad Marker by default: only active for adswizz Pre and Post roll marks on AOD content, if your account does not distribute this type of content, these checkboxes will not be active.

Auto speech to text

Platform also allows you to generate automatic subtitles for your VOD content, using the Machine learning of the system, for further reference we suggest you to check the following document:

If you have any additional questions, please don't forget to contact us via chat.

Att: Mediastream team

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