In this article we will explain step by step how to configure the show module; the first thing to verify is that the module is active in your account, you can check this at the top of the platform interface.

Once inside the Show module, the following parameters can be configured before proceeding with the creation of one:

  • Producer: It is the one who produces the content of the associated show, in this case the related radio or podcast broadcaster.

  • Host: is directly related to the program host.

  • Featuring: is used to highlight people within a show, here you can include guests, commentators, etc. It is most commonly used in the OTT service.

  • Distributors: It is the channel on which the show will be distributed.

  • Any: Here you can define additional items to the previous points, special guests, distributors, etc., the items you add in this field will be automatically added to the others, this prevents you from having to fill in the fields more than once for each parameter in case the associated item fulfills all the other functions.

These fields can be found on the left side when entering the module. Then, to configure each of these, just click on the plus sign (+) located on the right side of each section:

Parameter settings

By clicking on any of the 5 options, the fields to complete will be displayed, such as: Name, Email and Website; you can also upload an image to identify each of the associates..

If you have custom attributes related to the module (show), you will see an additional tab, in these attributes you can include metadata such as a brief description or sort the information according to your own criteria.

The appearance of each of the parameters is the same as shown in the following image.

When you have finished configuring each of these parameters, save the information with the Save button.

Creating a show:

After completing all the above information, we will proceed to create the Show by clicking on + New Show at the top right.

In the screen that is displayed, we proceed to fill in the fields, the most important of which is the Overview:

A. Overview:

  • Title: indicates the name of the show.

  • Type: you must select the type of content that will be related to the show, platform allows you to choose between 5 options, these are tvshow, movie, radioshow, podcast and mixed..

  • First Emision: in this field you set the date of the first broadcast of the show.

  • Description: we can add a Show description.

  • Genre: it refers to the genre associated with the content of the show, you can choose one or several genres from the offered list, it is recommended to assign a "main" genre as the first option, example:

  • Find your ads content: Here you can relate the ad content linked to the media linked to the show, a list of them is generated, you must have previously configured campaigns in platform.

  • Upload Image: you can load the image for your show, just click on the button and select the image from your PC.

B. Hosts - Featuring - Producers - Distributors

In these 4 tabs, you will be able to associate the content previously set in the parameters, just type the corresponding name in each one and select the options, just enter a key word or letter; when you select the associated, additional metadata will be displayed and it will be added to the list according to your selection.

Example with Producers:

List generated in the tab:

C. Categories

You can associate the created show to one or several categories assigned in the media module, to do so, select the category (1), if the show is going to be available in more than one category, you can assign an order (2), once these points are set, press Add Category (3). You will see a list of the categories associated to the show (4), in this same section, you can edit the category and the order, as well as delete it from Actions.

D. Custom Attributes

As in the other modules, if you have configured custom attributes, you can activate them or use them according to your needs, this tab is widely used for managing shows with Mediastream's OTT service.

Sample image of Custom attributes with OTT service

E. RSS Feed

This tab is activated only with Podcast and Radioshow type shows. It is used to overwrite the default tags in the RSS Metrics Feed, once they are added, they are immediately linked to all the chapters and seasons of the show, and will be reflected in the analytics,

After this configuration is done, click on Save..

Adjusting seasons and episodes

To create a season just click on +Add Season, this will open a window (Season Info) where we can fill in the data of the season, title, description and first emission, upload a reference image, you can also link to the parameters of Featuring and Hosts.

Once the season or seasons are configured, the +Add Episode button is activated when selecting any of these, there are 2 ways to add the episodes, for both you must use the media module in conjunction.

  • Option 1:
    Click on the Add Episode button, in the popup window that opens, you must add the title, if you have an image, upload it from your PC in Upload Image, save the changes.
    With this option you cannot add the referring episode, you must go to the media module and select the content manually; in the VOD or AOD clips saved in the platform, you must go to the Show section, from there you only have to select the show (1), the season within the show (2), when the Episodes option is displayed (3), you will see the corresponding list, select the episode to which the media belongs and save the changes, the content is automatically linked to the episode within the show.

  • Option 2:
    If, on the other hand, you want to add the episode to a show from the same media, you do the same task as in the previous option, only this time in the Episodes field (3) you must choose - Add New One - and save the changes, immediately, platform links the media to the show/season, taking its metadata that you will be able to see in the show module, with this option, the episode image will be by default the thumbnail selected in the media.

For both options, the Type must be selected as Full (4)

Once the process is finished, you will have a new show with your content completely organized.

If you have any additional questions, don't forget to write to us via chat.

Att: Mediastream team

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