From platform, you can configure the certificates belonging to your custom domains, which you will use in the configuration of the CDN distributions to make your https domain work in browsers, it is very simple; before proceeding verify if you have this module active in your account with your sales representative.

First go to the CDN module and enter the Certificates section, once inside the interface, click on the + New Certificate button.

When you do so, a new interface will open requesting the certificate data, these data are:

  • Name

  • Certificate Body (crt)

  • Certificate Private Key (key)

  • Certificate Chain

You must have previously created your certificates, once this is done, just enter the data corresponding to each box and save the changes.

A list of your certificates will appear in the module.

To attach them in your CDN distribution, just go to CDN/Distributions in platform and link them from the Certificate section on the right side of the interface, a list will be displayed according to those you configure in the module.

If you have any additional questions, please don't forget to contact us via chat.

Att: Mediastream team

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