With Mediastream Platform, you can easily configure your audio player, we will explain in this document how to do it.

You must go to the Settings > Players Module, once there you can create a new one by pressing +New Audio Player, or simply edit a previously created one, once inside the interface, name your player, you can add a brief description, save the changes, in this way the corresponding ID is created.


Right after that, open the Design box which displays different options such as:

A. Choose the player, platform gives you 4 options, by default it always appears in Podcast.

B. Change the colors (Background - Primary - Base - Secondary), these colors come in HEX Color format, so you can enter the exact value of your brand color.

C. Load logo image and thumbnail by default, for Podcast and Podcast (Sticky) player, it is recommended to load only the thumbnail image.

Our player will look like this:

After this point and depending on the player you select, the following configuration options may or may not appear:

D. Player Radio:

  • Adds colors for the border and inverse of the player

  • It enables you several display options such as Force full screen, keep tabs open, show waves for podcasts, show live timeline and enable playlist.

E. Player Radio Standalone

  • The color editor list disables the secondary color, and adds the background color of the sidebar and its main color.

  • Permite habilitar la visualización del timeline de la señal en vivo.

For more information on how to configure each of these players you can check the following links:



You have the following options in this tab:

  • Autoplay: You can enable or disable it in case you want your content to play automatically.

  • Mute Audio on start: as its name suggests, causes the audio to start in silence when the player is opened.

  • Adblocker Detector: If you activate this option, it does not play any content if an ad blocker is active in the browser.

  • Allow Download: it allows content downloads (Podcast)

  • Distributor: it allows you to select among the distributors that you have configured within the show module.

  • Property Name: is the name that will be displayed in the platform analytics.

  • Player Buffer: it allows you to configure the player's buffer by taking the amount of MB and the seconds limit, platform default is 30 sec/2 MB.


Here you can configure a custom message in case the content (Podcast) is restricted by a browser AdBlocker.

IP Whitelist

In this tab you can add a list of IPs that will be granted access to all content related to the player without any restrictions.

If you have any related question, please, feel free to write to us.

Att: Mediastream team

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