Mediastream Platform gives you the option to configure players specialized in the distribution of AOD content (Podcast) and Live audio signals, to do so there are 2 options that give you much more detail, in this case, we will show you how to configure a Radio type audio player, checking only the additional tabs that appear when selecting this type of player.

Note: in order to correctly display the configuration of this player, you must have the Media and Show modules active in your account.

First go to the Settings > Players module, then select +New Audio Player.

Once inside the interface, name your player and then go to the following tab


In the Choose a player option, you have to select Radio.

Then you configure the respective colors you want your player to have.

Also select the logo of your radio and the thumbnail that the player will display.

Once this is done, everything will start to take the necessary appearance, you will be able to see how it will look on the right side of the interface on the screen, you will have the option to visualize this player from the arrow located on the right side.

Before proceeding, at this stage, the player has a few options if you add it as the default player for your live signal, these are:

  • Share link: if you click the button, you will be able to share the link of the player inserted in your website to Facebook, Twitter or send it by whatsapp.

  • Select audio signal: if you link more than one live signal to your player, you will be able to select them by pressing the button indicated in the image.

Following the configuration, additional fields are displayed for the player visualization:

  • Force Fullscreen: It forces the player to open in full screen, if you activate it your player will always appear as follows.

  • Keep tab opened: keeps the configured tabs open at all times (see Menu Tabs below), you can either accompany it with the fullscreen option or simply show it when it is displayed.

  • Show waves for podcasts: when you play a podcast content, you will see the radio wave below the player.

Image from tele13radio

If you expand the player you will see the wave under the thumbnail image.

  • Show Live Timeline: like the previous option, displays the timeline of the live signals.

  • Enable Playlist: if you have related playlists, a button is activated in the player before being displayed.

  • Custom CSS: lets you add custom styles to your player

Multiple Live Streams

If your station has more than one live audio signal, you can link the respective live streams configured in the account to select them within the player, just add them from the + Add live stream button. You must link the player created to the corresponding live streams.

Menu tabs

In this tab you configure the tabs that you want to be displayed in your player, and they are related to the live and AOD content, additionally the shows created in the show module are used, if this last one is not active in your account, some of the features will not be displayed. You must indicate +Add new Tab, the following Pop-up will be displayed

There are several types of Tab, these are:

  • Songs: it shows the songs on air during the live stream, in this case they are displayed according to the metadata received from the automator, they are accumulated according to the retention time available in the signals, so that during the playback of the content, it will be possible to search for a previously played song, in this order of ideas, if the account has 3 days of retention, it will be possible to listen again to a song that was played 72 hours ago, taking into account the current time of the live stream.

  • Moments: in this type of tab, the metadata associated with selected moments of the timeline is displayed using Live moments, it is loaded in the same way as Songs.

  • Category: it is linked to the categorized content of the account, in this case all the AOD content belonging to a single category, you just select in the last box the specific category; you can create several tabs with different categories..

In the player you will see the selected categories.

  • Live schedule: if you have configured the live schedule in your signal, it will appear at the time indicated on this tab of the player.

  • Podcast: using this tab, you can organize how you want your podcast content to be displayed on the player, just select the type of podcast as you have it related in your show, you can also link it to a producer.

Once configured, you will see all the shows linked in this tab, if you click on any of them, you will have access to its episodes, click on any of them to start playback.

  • Multiple Live Streams: this tab links the live signals on the player you have configured using the previously mentioned point of the tab with the same name.

  • Playlist, if you have related playlists, they will be seen when the tab is displayed inside the player, it has the same function as enabling them from the Design tab.

  • Manual JSON config: you can configure these tabs and their behavior using JSON commands for data exchange, which will give you access to one or several functions already mentioned from the same Tab, managing in this way, more than one tab within the same one, as shown in the example in the image.

For more information concerning the other tabs we invite you to read it in the following link:

Note: Please keep in mind when setting up the tabs that all VOD content linked to the associated podcast and/or radio show and any A/V livestream loaded into the 'Multiple Live Streams' tab, will play only the audio track, the video will not be displayed.

If you have any related question, please, feel free to write to us.

Att: Mediastream team

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