Platform gives you the option to configure this player, along with the Radio player, for your AOD content playback, in this document, you will see the easiest way to do it.

Note: in order to correctly display the configuration of this player, you must have the Media and Show modules active in your account.

Go to the Settings > Players module, then select +New Audio Player.


Within the interface, and after naming your player, go to the Design tab, where you must select the Radio Standalone type.

Puedes al igual que con los demás player, configurar los respectivos colores.

This player gives you the option to visualize the timeline of your live signal, just activate the Show Live Timeline option. In the same way, add your logo and a thumbnail of your choice.

Once these initial settings have been made, you will see the result of this configuration on the right side of the interface.

To finish this tab, if you have custom CSS styles, add them in the corresponding Custom CSS box.


This tab allows you to insert animations in the behavior of the player when loading, if you want to change the default values, just activate the Enabled button.

When you enable this option, you will see its behavior in the preview on the right.

Once enabled, you will see 3 fields under this one which complement the activated behavior, these are:

  • Delay (seconds): It allows you to configure the delay when loading the player, by default it is set to 2 seconds, which is recommended in these cases.

  • Animation Type: it allows you to choose a loading animation, you have 2 options
    - Pulse: you will see that when the player is loaded, it expands towards the front of the screen..
    - Spin: When selected, the loading 'spinner' will be shown rotating at player startup.

  • Animation Options: As the name suggests, it gives you the facility to select a style for the selected animation, platform allows you to choose from 8 different options; Linear, Ease, Ease-in (slight pause at start of load), Ease-out (slight pause at end of load), Once, Reverse, Alternate (alternates between the above options), you can select more than one at a time.

  • SVG: you can add custom animations, inserting a CSS in the styles of the Custom CSS section of the Design tab, note the values mentioned under the box in case you use this option.

Contact Form

It gives you the option to set up a form that can be added to your player later from Menu tabs.

You can create inputs according to your needs, to do so you must click on +Add new Form Input, this opens a popup window where you configure your new input, add a name, select the type (text, number, email, url and text field), choose the width only available at 100% or 50%, you can also choose whether you want this input to be mandatory or not from the Required button.

Once configured, save the changes. You will immediately see the new entry under the button, you can create as many entries as you want, edit them or delete them.

You can also add the links to your social networks.

Menu Tabs

As with the Radio type player, you can configure which tabs you want to be shown in your player, unlike the player already mentioned, this one gives you some additional options that we will explain below.

You must press +Add new Tab, this opens a pop-up where you can choose 3 different types:

  • Songs: shows the songs on-air from the live signal, in this case they are displayed according to the metadata received from the automator, they are accumulated according to the retention time available in the signals of the account.

  • Podcast: It allows you to organize the AOD content available and configured in the show module that will be displayed in the player, select the type of podcast as you have related to your show, you can also link it to a producer.

  • Contact Form: this tab links to the tab mentioned above (Contact Form) to display the configured form on the player. it will look like this

Additionally and regardless of the type of tab selected, this player allows you to add an icon, choose the one you like and save the changes. These icons will be visible if your player is displayed on mobile devices.

Mobile view

Web view

For more information concerning the other tabs we invite you to read it in the following link:

Note: Please keep in mind when setting up the tabs that all VOD content linked to the associated podcast and/or radio show will play only the audio track, the video will not be displayed.

If you have any related question, please, feel free to write to us.

Att: Mediastream team

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