With the Mediastream platform you can create a permalink within the media VOD - AOD, it can be used to access an individual publication hosted within a webchannel permanently, so that any user who has access can use it to link their site to the related content.

To manage it, go to the media module and select any audio or video clip, then go to the Permalink section in the Basic Information.

You define the link structure for example:


Once you do this, save the changes, and you have your permalink created.

Please remember that the link must be valid for the permalink to work correctly


The permalink links never change, a well configured url also depends on how the file system is structured within the website, the more organized the resources are (in this case the media) the easier it will be to access the content.

They serve to increase your search engine rankings (SEO) and improve the user experience in terms of accessing the platform content hosted on your website.

This is an example of creating a permalink to a direct content on platform:

  • In the selected media, copy the embed found in the interface metadata, since as mentioned, this is a valid link.

  • Paste the embed inside the permalink box, at the end, add the divider {?} or {/} and then the required set of reference pairs separated by slash {/}

The structure would be as follows:

With divider {?}

With divider {/}

The shorter the permalink, the better the SEO of the site.

If you have any related question, please, feel free to write to us.

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