From platform, you can have your analytics in real time based on the CDN distribution(s) configured in your account, to see them you must have this module active.

Feature interface image:

The analyses are distributed as follows:

Initially, you have the option to filter according to the configured distribution, select the one you wish to visualize from the list and press Apply.

Then, in the lower part, the different analytics that are delivered will be shown, here you can see:

  • Initial data: here you can visualize data such as Hits, Misses, Hit ratio (hit rate percentage), Requests, Errors.

  • Global POP Traffic: Refers to the points of presence that serve the CDN traffic.

  • Cache status: is the real-time comparison between the hits to the cache and the requests that pass directly, it works as follows: if the request is found in the cache, it returns a Hit, if it is not found in the cache, it returns a Miss, if on the other hand the request fails, it returns an Error.

  • Errors: This graph shows the rate of request failures.

  • Hit Ratio: shows hit percentage.

  • Traffic: shows the traffic used in MB over the consumption time.

  • Responses Status: shows the HTTP status response statistics indicating if a request was successfully completed, these responses are grouped as follows:

    1. Informative responses (100-199)

    2. Successful responses (200-299)

    3. Re-directions (300-399)

    4. Client errors (400-499)

    5. Server errors (500-599)

Please note that if there is no distribution configured, the analytics will not be displayed when filtering.

If you have any related questions please do not hesitate to write us through the chat.

Atte. Mediastream team

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