From platform you have the option to create authorization tokens, which have 2 properties, access and expiration.

Access tokens are required according to the permission(s) requested by an API endpoint, and can be Read+Write or read-only; expiration tokens define the duration of the token and once expired, any request made to the API endpoint will be rejected, the latter can be created without expiration or with a time limit.

Module overview

Platform provides by default 2 access tokens, one Read+Write (1) and one Read-only (2) , both without expiration, additionally you have the option to generate new tokens (3). To view them just move the cursor over the green field (framed in the image), you have the option to copy it for the respective API request use.

Creation of a new authorization token

1 - Description: in this section you add the name or a brief description of the token to be created..

2 - Access: Here you define whether the token will grant read or read/write permissions.

3 - Expiration: the expiration time of the token is defined, different time options are given: 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year, you can also indicate that it never expires.

Once these 3 points have been configured, press the Create new Token button and it will immediately appear in the list, giving the option to activate or deactivate, edit and delete the token with the buttons to the right of each one.

Additionally and if you have Distributors configured in your account (Show Module), an extra Distributor checkbox will appear through which these distributors can be assigned to the tokens (Enable the option with KAM in charge) in this way, the authorization tokens are assigned to the selected distributor.

Distribution Tokens

Distribution tokens are used to grant full access to specific content for monitoring or redistribution purposes. No access restrictions will apply when used, any content that is not linked to these tokens will not give any access.

The token generated as access_token must be used when requesting live, VOD or AOD content. It is recommended to also use the profile parameter with maximum or minimum value to distribute a single quality.

To create one, click on the +New Distribution Token button, this opens a pop-up where the following data must be filled in:

  • Description: Name or brief description of the token.

  • Distributor: the associated distributor is linked for use.

  • Live Access: The different live signals to which the corresponding access will be granted are added here.

  • Media Category Access: Like live access, you add the categories that will have access through the distribution token.

  • IP Restrictions: IPs added will have restricted access to the associated content, you can add a single IP or a specific range.

  • Expiration: here you can configure the expiration of the token.

Full Access Token

These tokens allow the consumption of the account content without any type of restriction, you can validate its operation in the following link:

If you have any related questions please do not hesitate to write us through the chat.

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