With this simple explanation, you will be able to have external users act as moderators of the conversations generated for the events performed from the Next module.

The first thing to do is to configure your event according to your requirements, just follow the steps in the following document:

Once configured, go to the Chat Moderator widget.

Interfaz dentro de Platform

Once inside the interface, click on the +External User button located at the top right.

This opens a pop-up that asks for the external user's email and the assignment of a password for login, once completed, the changes must be saved:

This login must be shared with the user who will have access to the corresponding widget within the platform, along with the following link:


Once the data is entered, the following administrator interface will be opened

Chat Moderator

You must go to Chat moderator where you will find a list of messages in order of creation, initially, all of them will appear in Rejected status.

To moderate the chat, simply click on the check and forbidden icons on the right of each message, activating those that you want to be shown in the chat within the NEXT event landing.

Approve message

Reject message

With these simple steps, you will be able to filter all the messages sent by event participants, rejecting those that alter the continuity and discourage the conversation and theme of the event.


In this section, the external user (moderator) will have the option to validate in a list, all the users that have registered to the event, the data provided are the email, Name, Last name and date of registration, these are displayed according to the type of access previously configured for the event, you will also have the option to download a csv file with the data provided.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to write us through the chat.

Att: Mediastream team

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