Using the Chat Moderator included in the Next module, it is possible to highlight messages related to the event and its content on the chat (static messages) and they are visible to all participants, you must have account administrator permissions to do so.

This feature is located at the top of the message list, to use it you must click on the pencil icon on the right hand side of the message.

This displays a window in which we can configure our message, where we can do next:

  • Apply bold to quoted text.

  • Switch to Italic font.

  • Underline text or texts within the message.

  • Remove the font style, this item cancels the changes made in the previous 3 points.

  • Add a web link to the message, by clicking on this icon, an additional window opens over the already established one where you can add the text on which the respective URL will be linked and the box to copy the link, additionally, you can indicate if you want the link to be displayed in a new window and use the default protocols for these topics.

After that, you will be able to edit or detach the link.

  • Change the message to code view (only visible from this window)

  • Enable or disable the message in the chat box.

The message is configured and will be displayed in the Next module as follows



Landing page view

To enable or disable the messages on the landing page, just click on the eye icon that appears on platform after its configuration.

To Consider

  • Only one static message can be displayed above the chat, and you can only create a single message within the module on the platform.

  • You can enable and disable on the live broadcast under consideration and edit it as you wish to provide certain information.

  • This feature is NOT available for External Users.

If you have any additional questions, please write to us via chat.

Att: Mediastream team

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