Mediastream platform offers this additional feature for OTT clients, which allows you to have real-time statistics of your registered users, using filters by date and with the possibility to perform a detailed search for a specific user, using only their ID as search criteria.

General interface


In this section, a bar chart displays the registered users according to the selected time period, highlighting them by gender, as well as the period with the highest number of registrations.

Customer by Gender

This pie chart shows the percentage of users by gender that have registered during the selected period of time, if you click on any of the colors, the information with the total number of users will be displayed immediately.

Customer by Age

It shows the statistics of registrations according to the age of the users, on the X axis you can see the number of registrations in the selected period and on the Y axis the age range.

Customer by Geography

As its name suggests, it corresponds to the statistics of registrations based on the country, when the registrations are local, even though other additional countries are shown, in the State and City tabs the information corresponding to that country will be shown as 'Other'.

Search criteria per user

If we want to see the specific activity of a user, we filter the date we want to see (1), then we add the user's ID (2), in the lower left part of the filters the name of the user in question will appear, then we apply (3).

The statistics shown using this criteria are as follows:

  • Overview: summary of the consumption in the selected time, streams, playback start and the sum of all the minutes consumed.

  • Events: corresponding to events during the interaction with OTT, these are some of them:
    - Play: when some content is selected for consumption or the play button is pressed
    - Playing: equivalent to the continuous consumption of content.
    - Seek: searches for live or VOD content.
    - Pause: pauses during playback.
    - Buffering: hen the content remains loading without being played.
    - Player_loaded: loading of the player.

All events are shown by day on the X-axis and their position within the content on the Y-axis, the latter taken as an internal value in platform not equivalent to seconds or minutes.

Additionally, if you hover over these points, you will see additional information about the event.

  • Bandwidth: shows the user's bandwidth consumption, in Kbps.

  • Details: It shows in detail the user's content consumption count, both Live and VOD, applied in this section from which devices (1), the referrer from where it is consumed (2), medias viewed (3), the Live signals consumed (4), and the respective logins (5).

If you have any related questions please feel free to write to us via chat.

Atte. Mediastream team

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