In this module, you will have control of the traffic generated in the CDN distributions configured in the account, by filtering through the search criteria the CDN that is required, generally, when entering the module, you will see the corresponding statistics of all the CDN in a time range corresponding to the last 6 hours, at this point, the search filters by periods apply the same as in the normal analytics of the Live stream or VOD.

User interface

1- Overview:

In this section you will see the data corresponding to:

  • Traffic: is the total traffic generated according to the time filter performed, the information is displayed in GB.

  • Hits: refers to the number of requests that turned into hits.

  • Misses: total number of lost requests.

  • Hit ratio: percentage of hits, considering the number of losses.

  • Requests: total requests received.

  • Errors: total number of requests that returned an error.

2- Requests:

This compendium of graphs displays the information of the requests made to the cache, it is divided into:

  • Global Pop Traffic: These are the points of presence that are serving the CDN, in this case, each country is the equivalent of a Pop and the number displayed when hovering over a country is equivalent to the amount of traffic generated at that point.

  • Cache Status: is the comparison between the hits to the cache and the requests that pass directly, its functioning is as follows:
    - If the request is found inside the cache, it returns a Hit
    - If the request is not found in the cache, it returns a Miss
    - If the request fails, it returns an Error

  • Errors: shows the number of requests that returned an error.

  • Hit Ratio: shows the ratio of hits to requests made to the cache.

  • Traffic: shows the consumption in GB on the timeline according to the filter performed.

  • Response Status: shows the statistics of HTTP status responses indicating whether or not a request was completed.

If you wish to learn about and apply this functionality to your account, please ask your sales representative for more information.

If you have any related questions please feel free to write us through the chat.

Atte. Mediastream team

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