There are certain criteria to filter the analytics on platform with more detail, so you will be able to find the precise information in the time range you have selected.

Within the interface you will find the Enter Search Criteria box.

From here you can access the data related to: Categories, Content Type, Country, Devices, Distributors, Episodes, Genre, Group, Live, Media, Producer, Property, Season and Show, which vary according to the sub-module selected.

Group assignment

This particular type of criteria is used to compile data from previously made groups of criteria that have been saved for continuous use.

Example: if you filter 2 different criteria, and you want to perform this weekly query, just click on the Save Filter button located to the right of the assigned group,

this opens a pop-up where you name your group and save the changes.

Once the group has been saved, when you want to filter the same information in a different time range, just make the filter in criteria and write down the assigned name.

This compiles the information of the assigned group in the selected time range.

If you have any related questions please feel free to write us through the chat.

Atte. Mediastream team

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