It is required to have the Next module active in your account.

From the Next module, it is possible to publish the AoD and VoD content of an event so that it can be played within the same landing provided by the module after the end of the event, or assign a clip related to the content of the schedule that can be played before or during the live broadcast by the users, this content will be available for a certain time or permanently according to your needs; additionally, this content can be deactivated or changed at any time.

Media incorporation process

  1. In the Live content section, you must create the corresponding schedule(s), these can be adjusted before or after the event, as appropriate, and must coincide with the established agenda,

  2. Once done, a video icon will be available in the list of schedules within the event,

    when you click on it, a pop-up will open where you assign the corresponding media from a displayed list, all the clips (AoD - VoD) contained in the platform account will be shown.

    or, in the search engine, enter the name of a specific media or keyword to find it.

    Platform will automatically save the change made, and the selected media will be displayed inside the selection box.

After these 2 simple steps, the media is reflected inside the next's landing, right in the Agenda section, just look for the schedule to which the media was associated and click on the icon to play the content, this is immediately displayed on the player..

In the available box to the right of the player, a camera icon will appear on which you can return to the live signal.

You can also, once the event is finished or during the same, every time you finish a talk or block, assign to those schedules the corresponding media, so they will be available on the agenda established for consumption for the time required, the assignment is done in the same way with the only difference that the schedule can not be edited, in the image below you can see that the edition icon disappears once the talk is finished..

When assigning a media on a schedule, you can also generate a playlist per user, just click on the icon in the Agenda.

The camera icon appears immediately to the right of the player, if you are still broadcasting the live event, it will be displayed over the selected talks..

In the landing, once the event is over, if the clips of the talks are assigned, they will be available to users for consumption, the time they will be available must be defined, because once a landing is generated in Next it is not deleted, for example, if the talks must be available for 30 days, after this time the event must be accessed in Next and the related schedules must be deleted, otherwise, the media will remain available to all users with access.

To consider:

  • The livestream assigned to the event must be in published status for this functionality, otherwise the schedules will not be displayed.

  • The assigned playlists are unique and exclusive for each user that has access to the Next landing, once deleted from the module, they may remain in the system cache for a while, depending on the user's computer and browser.

  • It is recommended NOT to change the start date and time of the event (Basic information in Next) in order to prevent any inconvenience when setting the schedules.

If you have any additional questions, don't forget to contact us via chat.

Att: Mediastream team

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