With this tool you can make your Live content to be displayed inside an on-screen window while browsing other sites or using your pc or mobile.

You can activate it by going to the player's configuration in Settings>Players and select the one you want to adjust.

Once inside the configuration, in the Behaviour section, activate the Enable Picture in Picture button and immediately save the changes.

This activates within the player the PiP button highlighted in blue in the following image.

When clicking on it, the player will be displayed at the bottom right of the screen (desktop and mobile devices), allowing you to navigate or open other applications without it disappearing from view.

Web Desktop

Web Mobile

From the desktop web browser, you will be able to adjust its size (1), return to the corresponding landing page (2), and additionally you will be able to move the player in the monitor window in order to place it in the desired position.

From the player on web mobile, you can go back to the landing page and move the player just to place it in one of the four corners of the device's screen interface.

Both cases, when you click on the button to return to the landing page, it will open automatically over the applications or windows in which you are navigating.

To consider

  1. The Picture in Picture option only works on the Live player.

  2. The PiP button is not activated on the player displayed on Android devices, the option is activated by minimizing the player window after activating the full screen.

  3. In some iOS devices, the native apple player is loaded

    therefore, to display the player with the PiP button active, click on the browser options and indicate Request site for computers.

  4. You must keep in mind that the player configured with the PiP feature must be activated within the Live signal, unless you have made the modification in the default platform player, if you do the latter, the PiP will be functional in all the live configured.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us via chat.

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