Mediastream Platform allows the insertion of advertising in Live Streaming using the technology known as stitching. Applying this technology is more and more demanded by the media since it allows to increase the advertising inventory to more than 6x in Live Streaming. Where previously only a Preroll could be deployed, it is now possible to replace all the advertising that goes out over the air (conventional signal) with advertising coming from the Ad Server.

Ad Server Integration (VAST)

At Mediastream we focused on a simple and standards-aligned integration with what is used in the market today, that is why it is possible to integrate any ad server that works with the VAST standard (2 and 3).


For the Ad Replacement flow to be optimal, it is recommended to automate the ad "in" and "out" notification, for this it is necessary to lean with the automation area of the media or television channel so that (ideally) from the Playout they can inform when the signal goes to advertising. There are different alternatives to inform the advertising in and out marks:

  • SDI with SCTE-104/35 with Elemental Live Encoder or similar: Through the SDI video signal some encoders can insert SCTE-104 or SCTE-35 marks that indicate the inputs, duration and output of an announcement spot.

  • API (web service): Advertising can be reported with an HTTP API call directly to the Mediastream Platform API or by calling the local encoder API, if one exists.


El Player de Mediastream está preparado para detectar en el streaming cuando una publicidad está siendo transmitida a los usuarios y hacer tracking de la misma directo al Ad Server. Es posible informar al ad server lo siguiente:

  • Impression: Each time the advertisement starts to be displayed for the user.

  • Viewability: As the advertisement progresses, the first quarter, half, three quarters and completed are reported.

  • Click: In case a user clicks on the player when an advertisement is shown, it opens the page configured in the campaign and also counts as a click.

Usage restrictions

  • Advertising can only be tracked to the ad server on devices that allow to know the streaming information: In case of iOS devices and some Android versions it is not possible to inform the ad server the parameters.

  • The stitching technology is done over the HLS distribution protocol using the Discontinuity feature, some devices are not supported such as Android 5.x. or versions prior to 4.x. In these cases the normal streaming (without ad replacement) is sent to the users.

Main features

  • Automatic campaign retrieval from the Ad Server.

  • Ad Server tracking.

  • Video Loop to fill the signal in spaces without advertising.

  • Streaming distributed with the Mediastream CDN multi bitrate and multi devices.

It is important to know that Mediastream advises you throughout the process of integration and implementation of Ad Replacement, offering training to technical and commercial areas. Streaming distribution is done with all the guarantee offered by Mediastream's CDN with the capacity to support your maximum concurrences.

If you have any related question, please fell free to write to us.

Atte. Mediastream team

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