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Share content on Social Networks with Live Editor (Online Clipping)
Share content on Social Networks with Live Editor (Online Clipping)

Learn how to use Live Editor to make Live-to-VOD cuts and share on Social Media in minutes

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Live Editor is a Mediastream Platform module that allows you to create VOD content from a live signal. The user interface is very intuitive and you just have to position yourself on the timeline and select the Cue-In moment (I key), the Cue-Out moment (O key) and cut that moment (C key). A VOD of several cuts can be created and will be available in a matter of seconds.

Social Network Integration

In your account you can integrate different social networks such as a Youtube channel, Facebook Fan Page or Twitter account. Once they are integrated you can send VOD content to your different accounts.

To do this you must go to Settings > Integrations, in the Social Integrations section you must select the social network button you want to integrate. Then you will be redirected to the social network where you must accept and give authorization to Mediastream Platform to publish content on your account.

Once you have your social networks integrated you are ready to send your content. It is important to know that Mediastream Platform sends the highest quality media available (mp4). Consider that each network establishes video length limits, depending on the social network and platform:

  1. Twitter: 2 minutes 20 seconds in standard accounts. Up to 60 minutes in paid and certified Twitter Blue accounts.

  2. Facebook: a maximum of 4 hours

  3. Youtube: the platform only accepts clips of up to 6 hours, likewise uploads them to the RRSS (Youtube accepts up to 12 natively).

Now every time you create a clip from Live Editor you will be able to share directly from the Quick Editor to social networks, allowing you to share content on Social Networks just seen "on air" in a few minutes.

You can learn how to do this in the following document:

If you have any related questions feel free to write to us

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