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Editing a media previously created in platform
Editing a media previously created in platform

We show you how to edit VOD content previously created in platform

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Mediastream platform allows you to edit a media already loaded in the module, so you can have your content in a more detailed way, eliminating parts of them that you don't want to be displayed.

The content edited by this method will automatically generate a new media in platform, it doesn't delete or replace the original file.

To proceed, just enter the media to be edited and click on Edit Video.

A window will be displayed from which we will be able to make the required cuts.

As with the Live Editor tool, we select our initial point to cut on the timeline [Left mouse button or shortcut (I)], and the end of the cut [Left mouse button or shortcut (O)], then we proceed to cut with the Cut button (shortcut C), each time we make a cut, we will be able to visualize it at the bottom of the timeline, where we will see the time over which it was cut from the original clip.

Once the cuts are finished, we will be able to see the total duration of the new clip and then proceed to create the respective media with the +New Media (1) button, if you've created a Video template and want to use it in the new cut, use the +New Media With Template (2) option.

In this way, platform will proceed to render the content automatically and you'll be able to visualize the process on top of the player, when it finishes, a message like this will appear:

If we go back to the module, we will see that our clip is available for configuration, the way to identify it is that it appears with the word Edited followed by the original name of the media and in Not Published status.

From this point on, you can unpublish the original media or delete it according to your needs.

To consider:

  1. The original media configuration is not maintained in the new cut; categories, tags, Ads and other sections must be re-entered.

  2. The new clip is generated with all the renditions from the original media (mp4)

  3. The recording date we see in the clip will be the date of the edition, not the original media, this can also be edited later.

  4. Platform generates the thumbnails automatically, and these will be different from the original clip.

  5. You can make a maximum of 9 cuts per media.

  6. This option is not supported for videos with multiple audio channels.

  7. Edit media is not supported with DRM active.

If you have any related questions please do not hesitate to write us through the chat.

Atte. The Mediastream Team.

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