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Analytics/Audience provides a more accurate review of content consumption statistics, focused directly on the users (audience) accessing the account's Live or VOD content.

Like the other sub-modules, it has the respective search filters in the upper part of the module.

If you download the csv file from the Data source button, it provides complete information per user, where you will find details about stream made, minutes consumed, content id, user name, gender, etc.

General interface and information provided

1- Overview

It shows the information corresponding to:

  • Stream: is the total number of starts validated after 5 seconds of continuous consumption.

  • Time: Total sum of minutes consumed, the amount is displayed according to the generated filter.

  • Playback start: number of reproduction requests.

  • Active Users: total amount of active users, according to the filtering done.

2- Audience Average Minutes

This section shows the amount of minutes consumed on the timeline, if you pass the cursor over one of the points, it will show the exact amount of minutes in that time on the UTC time, in the general graph, it will always show the time of the region configured in the equipment displaying the data.

3- Top Media

This section shows the 10 most consumed media in the time range established in the filters, adding the consequent data by genre, streams and stars for each one.

4- Top Live

Like top media, it shows the live streams with the highest concurrence according to the time range, the data shown is the same as in media.

5- Stream by Gender

It shows us in a pie chart, the consumption of streams by gender, according to the user's registration.

6- Stream by Age

It shows the comparative of the audience according to the age. The graph shows the number of active users on the X-axis and the age ranges on the Y-axis.

7- Active users

It displays the data related to the active users according to the schedule, it is recommended, depending on the filter performed, to consult the range by hour, day, week or month, as well as the graph shown in the audience average minutes, the exact data can be displayed by placing the cursor over any of the bars.

If you have any questions please feel free to write us through the chat.

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